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  1. Week 8: Guest blog: Innovation in development evaluation

    21st February, 2014

    Development aid is changing rapidly – so must development evaluation. This is the second post in our series of innovation in development evaluation.

  2. Outcome classification: A framework to tally outcome statements across projects

    16th December, 2020

    It’s one thing to look at project and program ratings to see how well the stated objectives of a portfolio of projects are being met. But without an aggregate view of what these objectives are trying to achieve, it’s difficult to fully understand how well this portfolio is contributing to an organisation’s mission and wider development goals. What’s missing is a better understanding of the links between project objectives and the types of outcomes that these are aiming to achieve.

  3. Week 39: Closing the series on visionary evaluation

    1st October, 2014

    Thanks to everyone for your posts about the AEA conference theme and for reading the blogs. With each post, I have learned something new and have been stimulated to think about the theme in a different way.

  4. Still Hesitating? Let's bust some myths around increasing stakeholder participation in evaluation

    22nd July, 2015

    In the final blog in the 4-part series, Leslie Groves and Irene Guijt address some of the most common forms of resistance to increasing levels of participation in evaluation.

  5. Update on BetterEvaluation

    23rd December, 2011

    The fully interactive site will go live at this URL later in 2012 [Updated - now scheduled for September 2012].

  6. Principles and Strategies for Overcoming Challenges to Evaluation in Situations of Conflict and Fragility

    17th December, 2012

    The challenges of conducting evaluation in situations of conflict and fragility have been well documented.  They have been widely experienced and understood and therefore are not outlined in this post. 

  7. BetterEvaluation COVID-19 Statement

    3rd April, 2020

    The COVID-19 pandemic is rapidly transforming our world.  Individuals, communities and organisations are facing enormous challenges and uncertainty. Limited resources have been further stretched by the climate crisis and unprecedented natural disasters. These global challenges put the Sustainable Development Goals at risk and threaten the well-being of people and the planet. At BetterEvaluation we believe we have a significant role to play in responding to this unfolding situation.

  8. 52 weeks of BetterEvaluation: Week 22: The latest resources and events suggested by users

    6th June, 2013

    While we work on the remaining blog posts on the recent AEA Coffee Break webinars, this week we're highlighting content and events recently suggested to us by users.

    Huge thanks to all of our users who have been pointing out great resources and useful events, keep them coming! Here are the most recent suggestions:



  9. 52 weeks of BetterEvaluation: Week 30: Manage an evaluation or evaluation system

    26th July, 2013

    This week's 52 Weeks of BetterEvaluation post brings our series on the BetterEvaluation Rainbow Framework to an end, and presents the final AEA hosted webinar recording. Over the series we've introduced the seven clusters of evaluation tasks and many of the options available. You can find a list of all eight posts in the series below.

  10. Week 14: New to evaluation? Here's what you need to read

    3rd April, 2014

    Alan Mountain supports BetterEvaluation while he completes his Masters of International Development at RMIT University. In this blog, he looks at which resources have been most helpful to him as a new-comer to evaluation, both to understand the essentials and dive into more detail on different aspects.