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  1. Collecting Data on Sensitive Issues

    28th February, 2013

    This week, at the Evaluation Conclave in Kathmandu, I learned a great deal about challenges of evaluation practices, along with methodologies available to deal with some of those challenges. 

  2. Hackathon

    6th July, 2020

    We’re excited to be involved in the 2020 IPDET Hackathon – a week-long event in which hundreds of people from around the world bring together their skills, knowledge and inspirations to find creative solutions to challenges of our times.

    Or, as the IPDET Hackathon sign-up info states:

  3. From rigorous methods to rigorous processes – directions for travel after the RCT debate

    25th February, 2013

    It is neither relevant nor useful to either only criticise randomised control trials (RCT) or treat them as the only choice for rigorous impact evaluation (IE). We need to look for other approaches and methods that can contribute to causal inference and systematically link observed effects to causes as well as extend what we mean by rigorous IE.

  4. Week 9: Innovation in evaluation part 3: what’s the latest in advocacy evaluation?

    3rd March, 2014

    Julia Coffman is Director of the Centre for Evaluation Innovation. In the third blog of our innovation in evaluation series, she looks some recent innovations in a notoriously tricky area: advocacy evaluation. Last week, Thomas Winderl explored how development evaluation must evolve to meet the challenge of complexity and responsive planning. This week we’ll be reporting from the African Evaluation Association’s 7th international conference, where BetterEvaluation is supporting a strand of conference presentations and posters on methodological innovation.

  5. How do we use advisory groups effectively in evaluation?

    17th April, 2018

    This guest blog by Marlène Läubli Loud aims to start a discussion about what advisory group practices work well in what situations. Marlène looks back on her experiences and outlines some of the conditions that she believes have contributed to securing the “best value” from advisory groups, and asks for other ideas and examples for engaging and utilising advisory groups to their full advantage. 

  6. Week 7: Innovation in Evaluation

    20th February, 2014

    This is the first in a series of blogs on innovation which includes contributions from Thomas Winderl and Julia Coffman. The series will lead up to the African Evaluation Association conference at the beginning of March in Yaounde, Cameroon, where BetterEvaluation will be sponsoring a strand on methodological innovation.

  7. Adapting evaluation in the time of COVID-19- Part 1: MANAGE

    21st April, 2020

    Organisations around the world are quickly having to adapt their programme and project activities to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic and its consequences. We’re starting a new blog series to help support these efforts. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be exploring some of the key issues and questions to be addressed. We’ll be structuring these around the seven clusters of tasks in the BetterEvaluation Rainbow Framework: MANAGE, DEFINE, FRAME, DESCRIBE, UNDERSTAND CAUSES, REPORT AND SUPPORT USE. We’ll also be creating a complementary thematic area on the BetterEvaluation website to gather this information and associated resources in a more permanent and accessible manner. We see this as a work in progress – new guidance and resources are being developed rapidly as the evaluation community comes together to support one another in this global crisis.

  8. Choices about voices

    13th July, 2015

    In this third blog in the participation in evaluation series, Irene Guijt and Leslie Groves share frameworks to approach and make decisions about the level of stakeholder involvement during different evaluation stages.

  9. How can we assess the value of working in partnerships?

    21st June, 2016
    Tiina Pasanen (Overseas Development Institute) shares her reflections from the 2016 'M&E on the Cutting Edge' Conference Partnering for Success, and asks, how do we learn what type of partnerships work well, under what conditions and in what contexts
  10. Better ways of choosing and using metrics in evaluation of impact investing

    15th September, 2020

    We invited Mishkah Jakoet to share some thoughts on how metrics can be more useful for impact investing.  Mishkah brings considerable experience in evaluation for impact investing, including contributing to the revision of the IRIS+ indicators.