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  1. Week 11: BetterEvaluation at AfrEA 2014

    BetterEvaluation was privileged to sponsor the Methodological Innovation stream at the African Evaluation Association (AfREA) conference from 3-7 March. What did we learn?

    We set out with three questions to focus the panel sessions and workshops in this stream:

    • What are examples of effective innovation in evaluation?  
    • What kinds of innovation are needed to address unmet challenges?  
    • How do we support effective innovation - in terms of both inventing and adopting new methods and processes? 
  2. Week 23: Evaluation of anti-corruption reforms and programmes – don’t give up before you even try!

    5th June, 2014

    Our blogger this week is Jesper Johnsøn, Senior Advisor to the U4 Anti-Corruption Resource Centre. Jesper highlights a frequent confusion among anti-corruption practitioners between the difficulty measuring levels of corruption and the evaluability of anti-corruption initiatives, and urges us not to give us on rigorous evaluation.

  3. 7 Strategies to improve evaluation use and influence- Part 1

    25th January, 2018

    What can be done to support the use of evaluation? How can evaluators, evaluation managers and others involved in or affected by evaluations support the constructive use of findings and evaluation processes?  

  4. Evaluation led by children (x-post from Gender And Evaluation)

    9th December, 2015

    This is a discussion led by Rituu B Nanda regarding Laura Hughston's report which presents a child-led evaluation of a multi-sectoral programme in Cambodia seeking to empower adolescent girls and address the challenges they face accessing quality education. The original discussion can be found on Gender and Evaluation.

  5. BetterEvaluation FAQ: How do I choose a suitable theory of change?

    22nd July, 2016

    We've been getting some great questions recently - so we're starting to share our answers through these blogs.  We'd welcome any additional suggestions for how to respond, or useful resources. Just add these to the comments box below.

    I’m wanting to do an impact evaluation. What kinds of theories should I use for developing a theory of change?

  6. BetterEvaluation community's views on the difference between evaluation and research

    17th December, 2014

    In Week 19 in May we blogged about ways of framing the difference between research and evaluation. We had terrific feedback on this issue from the international BetterEvaluation community and this update shares the results.

  7. Evaluations made in Portuguese: the Lusophone space

    This guest blog by Elsa de Morais Sarmento, Carla Félix, and Mariana Branco discusses the importance of language to credible evaluation in Lusophone countries. 

  8. Week 12: Evaluation innovation in transparency and accountability

    21st March, 2014

    Innovation is a relative concept. It is about new practice … for the topic and person or group in question. The context-specific nature of what constitutes ‘an innovation’ became clear during a recent event around global transparency and accountability efforts.

  9. Doing Development Differently means Doing Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning Differently too

    7th April, 2017

    This week, Arnaldo Pellini (Senior Research Fellow, Overseas Development Institute and Lead for Learning at the Knowledge Sector Initiative, Indonesia) and Louise Shaxson (Senior Research Fellow, Overseas Development Institute) reflect on some of the challenges around monitoring, evaluating and learning (MEL) from adaptive programmes.

  10. Reflections from BetterEvaluation’s outgoing CEO, Patricia Rogers

    9th September, 2021

    As of September 9th, BetterEvaluation’s inaugural CEO, Patricia Rogers has passed on the reins to the BetterEvaluation team and Mark Madden, the interim CEO. In this blog post, Patricia shares some of her highlights over the past 12 years.