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  1. Using the BetterEvaluation Resource Library

    18th July, 2019

    BetterEvaluation has over 1600 resources on evaluation tasks and options, with more being added each week. These include overviews, guides, examples, tools or toolkits, and discussion papers. Read the below guide for tips on how to find what you are after.

    Finding a resource in the BetterEvaluation library

    Option 1. Search for a resource via keywords


  2. Using logic models and theories of change better in evaluation

    19th May, 2017

    Many evaluations include a process of developing logic models and theories of change – an explanation of how the activities of a program, project, policy, network or event are expected to contribute to particular results in the short-term and longer-term.  They have been used for many years -  versions can be seen in Carol Weiss’ 1972 book "Evaluation research: methods for assessing program effectiveness" -  and they have been mainstreamed in many organisations as an essential component of plan

  3. Introducing BetterEvaluation: Better information. Better choices. Better evaluation.

    12th April, 2011


    BetterEvaluation provides information to support better choices of evaluation methods and better implementation of evaluation methods.

    We don’t advocate for particular evaluation methods or approaches. We advocate for systematic and informed choices of methods, based on an understanding of what is available. We advocate for building and sharing information on methods based on evidence of their utility and feasibility. We advocate for learning across sectors, across countries, and across evaluators, evaluation managers, and evaluation users.

  4. 52 weeks of BetterEvaluation: Week 7: Evaluation associations and societies

    13th February, 2013

    Across the world evaluation associations provide a supportive community of practice for evaluators, evaluation managers and those who do evaluation as part of their service delivery or management job.

  5. 4 tips for planning your policy research M&E

    15th March, 2016

    In this guest blog post, Tiina Pasanen, from the Overseas Development Institute (ODI), lays out four key ideas to keep in mind when designing an M&E framework for a policy research project

  6. The balancing act of research impact

    10th January, 2017

    This blog post was originally posted on the Australia and New Zealand School of Government (ANZSOG) blog. It has been republished with ANZSOG's permission. You can find the BetterEvaluation resource page for the article discussed here.

  7. Forming Partnerships

    24th March, 2012

    I come from an agricultural research and development background and am convinced that the complex problems we deal cannot be addressed by one organization alone. It should be a collective action, involving different stakeholders, working towards common objectives. But it is easier said than done!

  8. Evaluating networks- some resources and some software

    4th October, 2012

    BetterEvaluation is on the ground at the European Evaluation Society 10th Biannual conference in Helsinki this week. We’ll presenting BetterEvaluation on Thursday but we're also attending lots of interesting sessions, and can share some highlights through this site.

  9. Week 20: Is English the dominant language for evaluation?

    7th July, 2014

    Unfortunately I believe so. Last year I met a group of Brazilian evaluators in a conference, and learned from them the growing demand for good evaluation studies in Brazil, but also the need for more capacity building initiatives in this area, besides the need for practical and relevant  information in Portuguese, with a local context. It was then that I decided to investigate what this passionate group of Brazilian evaluators was working on. Evaluators not only in Brazil but in other Portuguese-speaking countries.

    Also Available In: Portugues
  10. Semana de la Evaluación en México 2015

    15th June, 2015

    This week is Evaluation Week in Mexico 2015, sponsored by Clear (Regional Centers for Learning on Evaluation and Results), AMEXCID (Agencia Mexicana de Cooperatión Internacional Para el Desarrollo), Coneval, SHCP (Secretaría de Hacienda y Crédito Público), CIDE (Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas A.C.).