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  1. Week 27: Celebrating Canada’s contributions to the world of evaluation

    4th July, 2014

    At the recent 35th conference of the Canadian Evaluation Society in Ottawa I shared my favourite Canadian contributions to evaluation which could be useful more broadly for addressing global challenges in evaluation.

  2. Three ways to improve your DataViz

    27th March, 2018

    The feature image for this post is from @TerribleMaps.

  3. EvalYear: South Africa launches its celebrations

    1st April, 2015

    EvalYear is well underway around the world. Here are some of the ways South Africa will be marking EvalYear. Thanks to Liezille Jacobs from SAMEA (South African Monitoring and Evaluation Association) for this information.

  4. Week 45: Tracking Support Among U.S. Members of Congress

    14th November, 2014

    Scorecards are used in many different types of evaluation, and can have influence through informing decisions and by making performance visible. This week's guest blogger, Jennie Aylward, describes a score card used to report on an advocacy program aimed at members of the U.S. Congress.

  5. Impact evaluation: UNICEF's briefs and videos

    29th January, 2015

    Nikola Balvin, Knowledge Management Specialist at the UNICEF Office of Research – Innocenti, presents new resources on impact evaluation and discusses how they can be used to support managers who commission impact evaluations.

  6. Thanks for taking part in our user survey- here's what we've learnt

    12th January, 2018

    We've now completed the first component of our user research - the user survey.  Thank you for the helpful feedback  from 50 different countries and from a wide range of users, including evaluators, people who sometimes do evaluation, evaluation managers and users, people involved in evaluation capacity strengthening, students, and others.  (If you missed the chance, we're always pleased to get feedback through our contact form).

  7. Lessons from a trial of the Success Case Method

    28th July, 2017

    The Success Case Method approach is useful for documenting stories of impact and for understanding the factors that help or hinder impact. It is particularly useful for uncovering the contextual forces that influence impact. Originally designed for evaluating corporate training programs, the Success Case Method is now being applied to other programs including international development interventions.

  8. Iterative Design and Monitoring for Adaptive Management: How Causal Link Monitoring can help

    Development actors are embracing the concept and practice of adaptive management, using evidence to inform ongoing revisions throughout implementation. In this guest blog, Heather Britt, Richard Hummelbrunner and Jackie Greene discuss a practical approach that donors and partners can use to agree on what’s most important to monitor as a project continues to evolve. 

  9. Issues raised by participants in InterAction Forum

    16th August, 2011

    As part of the 'Impact Evaluation in Action' session at last week's InterAction 2011 Forum last week, participants were invited to consider a recent impact evaluation they had been involved in, and to identify one thing that worked well, and one remaining challenge. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this exercise, generating rich information about the particularly important issues in impact evaluation. Please add any comments about the statements or how they have been categorized.

  10. Evaluating Rural Extension

    31st August, 2012

    The Guide to Evaluating Rural Extension is a new resource produced by The Global Forum for Rural Advisory Services (GFRAS).  In addition to its intended use for rural extension,  many of the examples and guidance frameworks for applied design and analysis could also be applied to evaluating other types of interventions.