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  1. Welcome to BetterEvaluation in Albanian!

    Language Landing Page

    How can you find useful information about evaluation to support your work in Albania? Here are some ways that BetterEvaluation is working with the Albanian Society of Program Evaluation to support you.

    In this video, Fation Luli, President of the Albanian Society of Program Evaluation (ASPE), welcomes you to the site, explains how you can access to rough translation of all pages on BetterEvaluation, through Google translate and the plans to develop English translation of Albanian material.

    Also Available In: Shqip
  2. Welcome to BetterEvaluation in Portuguese!

    Language Landing Page

    If you need useful information about evaluation in Portugese, BetterEvaluation is working with evaluators in Portuguese speaking countries to assist you.

    There are several associations and networks producing excellent work, such as the associations below:

    Also Available In: Portugues
  3. Bienvenue à BetterEvaluation en français

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    Utilisation du cadre de référence Arc-en-ciel de BetterEvaluation