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  1. The use of monitoring and evaluation in agriculture and rural development projects


    The document reviews monitoring and evaluation practises carried out in agricultural and rural development projects, financed by the World Bank. It provides a critical analysis of strengthens and weakness of the M&E processes, lessons learned, and guiding principles.

  2. Clearing the fog: new tools for improving the credibility of impact claims

    Discussion paper

    This IIED Briefing Paper shows that the methods of process tracing and Bayesian updating can facilitate a dialogue between theory and evidence that allows for the assessing of the degree of confidence in ‘contribution claims’ in a transparent and replicable way.

  3. How to design an M&E framework for a policy research project


    This Methods Lab guidance note focuses on the designing and structuring of a monitoring and evaluation framework for policy research projects and programmes.

  4. Enemy-M&E

    Forum topic

    Friend-M&E? Develop and use theories of change for HOW M&E will have its intended results Collaborative ... Technology that leads instead of supports Lack of expertise Methodological chauvinism   How to feed ...

  5. AEA eStudy 053: Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Planning for Programs/Projects

    16th February, 2015 to 25th February, 2015

    Presented by Scott Chaplowe, this eStudy introduces six key planning steps for a successful monitoring and evaluation (M&E) system: 1) Identify the purpose and scope of the M&E system; 2) Plan for data collection and management; 3) Plan for data analysis; 4) Plan for information reporting and utilization; 5) Plan for M&E human resources and capacity building; 6) Prepare the M&E budget.  This 6-step approach has been designed to guide programming at the community, regional and national levels. While informed by international programs/projects, it is also very appropriate for domestic (US) programs and projects – wherever M&E is needed for reliable and useful information and reporting to inform for program management and uphold performance accountability.

  6. DIY M&E: A step-by-step guide to building a monitoring and evaluation framework


    This guide, written by Dana Cross of Grosvenor Management Consulting, gives an overview of how to create an M&E framework.

  7. Conference on Improving the use of M&E- Keynote speech by Marlene Läubli Loud


    This keynote presentation given by Marlene Läubi Loud at the CDI Conference 2014: Improving the use of M&E processes and findings presents the current state of affairs regarding the utilisation of M&E processes and findings. 

  8. Process Map of M&E for Public Policy??

    Forum topic

    Process Map of M&E of Public Policy? Hi all! I'm currently working in a project at public ... Secretary in 7 main process: To Plan the Execution of M&E To Manage Execution of M&E (Plan) To ... Implementation of Public Polícy To Evaluate Public Policy To Communicate the Results of M&E Most of the ...

  9. The Logical Framework Approach


    This publication is part of a series of guidelines developed by AusAid in relation to activities design. It provides an overview of the situation (the problem) and stakeholders involved, and describes the logframe matrix with its activities. The document also gives details of the implementation of the logical framework approach.

  10. How to Build M&E Systems to Support Better Government


    This volume highlights the experience of several countries which have succeeded in building a well-functioning government M&E system, including Chile, Colombia and Australia. The special case of Africa, where there are many severe capacity constraints, is also examined. Ways to strengthen a government M&E system and to strengthen government demand for M&E are presented, and the importance of conducting a country diagnosis and preparing an action plan are stressed.