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  1. A quick primer on running online events and meetings

    13th March, 2020

    Meetings and gatherings are vital components of evaluation. Often these are done face-to-face, however sometimes necessity or practicality makes meeting online the best option.

  2. Building an Evaluative Culture for Effective Evaluation and Results Management


    This brief from the Institutional Learning and Change Initiative (ILAC) provides advice on building an evaluative culture allowing organisations to better manage and provide programs and services.

  3. Bringing environmental sustainability concerns into evaluations: The Footprint Evaluation project

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    The Footprint Evaluation project is a co-creation and research project hosted by BetterEvaluation and supported by the Global Evaluation Initiative. It is grounded in the premise that all evaluations should include consideration of environmental sustainability, even when this is not a stated goal of the intervention.

  4. Randomised Controlled Trial

    RCT, Clinical Trial, Randomized Controlled Trial, Randomized Impact Evaluations

    Randomised controlled trials (RCTs), or randomised impact evaluations, are a type of impact evaluation which uses randomised access to social programmes as a means of limiting bias and generating an internally valid impact estimate.

    Also Available In: Español
  5. Outcome Harvesting

    Outcome Harvesting collects (“harvests”) evidence of what has changed (“outcomes”) and, then, working backwards, determines whether and how an intervention has contributed to these changes.

    Outcome Harvesting has proven to be especially useful in complex situations when it is not possible to define concretely most of what an intervention aims to achieve, or even, what specific actions will be taken over a multi-year period.

    Also Available In: Portugues, Español
  6. Добро пожаловать на сайт BetterEvaluation на русском языке!

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    Использование радужной классификации BetterEvaluation 

    Радужная классификация BetterEvaluation разбивает различные варианты проведения оценки (методы и стратегии) на семь кластеров в соответствии с основными задачами, которые необходимо решать в процессе оценки. (Ещё есть подходы, которые представляют собой наборы методов и стратегий).

  7. Using the BetterEvaluation Resource Library

    18th July, 2019

    BetterEvaluation has over 1600 resources on evaluation tasks and options, with more being added each week. These include overviews, guides, examples, tools or toolkits, and discussion papers. Read the below guide for tips on how to find what you are after.

    Finding a resource in the BetterEvaluation library

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