community of practice

Community of Practice design guide

Written by Darren Cambridge and Vicki Suter for the EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative (ELI), this guide provides practical steps and advice for the creation of Communities of Practice (CoPs). The authors have drawn on their experience working with corporations, nonprofits, associations, government organizations, and educational institutions to create a structure that clarifies the steps of defining, designing, launching, and growing CoP. It's application is useful in both online and face-to-face situations.

The EvaluateIT resource kit

This online resource kit simplifies the task of evaluating  community-based information technology (IT) projects such as community websites, online interest groups, internet training programs and helps to make them more successful and sustainable. It does this by leading you through four steps that help you decide how to begin, how to involve other people, how to do the evaluation, and how to make the changes that will improve your IT project. It can be used for a simple review, or for a more in-depth evaluation. The kit contains links to many additional resources, including more help with each step.