empowerment evaluation

Un-boxing evaluation through empowerment: A conversation with David Fetterman

Jade Maloney and David M. Fetterman's picture 27th March 2019 by Jade Maloney and David M. Fetterman

This guest blog is an interview between David Fetterman and Jade Maloney. It is the second in a series about un-boxing evaluation – the theme of aes19 in Sydney, Australia. The series is designed to generate a global discussion of the theme ‘un-boxing evaluation’ and what that means for our profession and practice. 

Empowerment Evaluation

Empowerment evaluation is a stakeholder involvement approach designed to provide groups with the tools and knowledge they need to monitor and evaluate their own performance and accomplish their goals. It is also used to help groups accomplish their goals. Empowerment evaluation focuses on fostering self-determination and sustainability.  It is particularly suited to the evaluation of comprehensive community–based initiatives or place-based initiatives.