evaluation standards

UNEG Norms and Standards for Evaluation (2016)

The updated 2016 UNEG Norms and Standards for Evaluation, a UNEG foundational document, is intended for application for all United Nations’ evaluations. It sets out shared principles based on good practices in managing, conducting and using evaluations. The ten general norms should be upheld in the conduct of any evaluation; the four institutional norms should be reflected in the management and governance of evaluation functions. The associated standards support the implementation of these normative principles.


Evaluation Standards for Latin America and the Caribbean

The evaluation standards for Latin America and the Caribbean were developed by a task force of the Latin American and Caribbean Network of Evaluation (ReLAC), with support by DEval’s Evaluation Capacity Development (ECD) Project FOCEVAL.  The evaluation standards include both the common core of evaluation standards from other evaluation associations and organisations, as well as aspects which are unique to Latin America and the Caribbean. They were developed through a process of broad consultation.