Monitoring the composition and evolution of the research networks of the CGIAR Research Program on Roots, Tubers and Bananas (RTB)

This Brief provides an example of how Social Network Analysis (SNA) can be used, in the context of agricultural research. The authors describe what SNA is, and how it was applied, step by step. They also present the findings of a particular network analysis, so readers can understand what types of information a SNA can generate, its pros and cons. In this example, SNA is used as a monitoring mechanism to study the evolution of a research network, and consequently, the evolution of the types of research being conducted.

For more information on how the SNA was used, and the results, please refer to the full report.

Evaluating networks, partnerships, collaborations, coalitions - what's the difference?

One of the recurring questions in this area is what are seen as the differences between networks and partnerships - and what are the implications for evaluation? At the EES conference we'll be looking out for the different ways these terms are distinguished and the different strategies used for evaluation. Patricia Rogers