What does it mean to ‘un-box’ evaluation?

JadeMaloney's picture 30th January 2019 by JadeMaloney

This guest blog by Jade Maloney is the first in a series about un-boxing evaluation – the theme of aes19 in Sydney, Australia. The series is designed to generate a global discussion of the theme ‘un-boxing evaluation’ and what that means for our profession and practice. Jade Maloney is co-convenor of aes19. She is also a Partner at ARTD Consultants, specialising in design and evaluation with people with disability and in the disability sector.  

Data party

A data party is a time-limited event of several hours where diverse stakeholders come together to collectively analyse data that have been collected.  They provide interpretations of what the data mean and the implications for action.  This process can improve the quality of interpretation, by bringing additional information that can be used to interpret evaluation data, supports dialogue across diverse perspectives about the credibility and implications of data, and builds support for using the findings.  The event is intended to be an enjoyable experience, including food and relationship building.  

Closing the series on participation in evaluation

Leslie Groves and Irene Guijt's picture 10th August 2015 by Leslie Groves and Irene Guijt

On Wednesday, July 29, Leslie Groves and I gave a live Q and A that focused on questions from blog readers. We received so many interesting questions and clearly had too little time for in-depth conversation. Lesson learned for next time – fewer questions to allow time for a more detailed exploration of each.

The questions we received highlight people’s concerns with respect to making evaluation processes more participatory. We had eight different kinds of questions: