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Technology for Evaluation in Fragile and Conflict Affected States: An Introduction for the Digital Immigrant Evaluator

This paper aims to help evaluators working in fragile and conflict affected states (FCAS) to determine which technology may be useful in various phases of an evaluation. It provides a 5-step decision filter for evaluators to decide if and when it is appropriate to use technology in FCAS.


Poimapper mobile data collection solution is designed for monitoring the status and progress of field work in any specific area. For example market research or inspection work benefit's from collecting data with mobile application and sharing data in real time, no more carrying paper forms back to the office. With the help of Poimapper cloud portal you can then visualise the data on a map, tables or create reports like pie charts from the collected field data.

TTC Mobile

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TTC Mobile is a tool that uses mobile phone technology to send out and receive information to educate, engage and empower people on wellbeing related issues. TTC Mobile has set up mobile phone-based programmes for multiple organisations in Africa and South America.