Successful Public Policy: Lessons from Australia and New Zealand

This book is a collection of 20 examples of successful public policies in Australia and New Zealand. It aims to reset the agenda for teaching, research and dialogue on public policy performance. It seeks to engage with the conceptual, methodological and theoretical challenges research seeking to evaluate, explain and design successful public policy has often come up against. The book is available as a free download in multiple formats, or can be purchased as a print copy.

Right or Wrong? What values inform modern impact evaluation?

The aim of this event was to open up the debate on ethics and explore how it can become more relevant to the field of impact evaluation. The event considers three core themes: Firstly, a theme that explores new ways in which evaluation might challenge what we consider to be ‘good’ development by characterising and exploring the relationship between development values and evaluation values; Secondly, a theme around universality and plurality, which highlights the situated nature of ethics within evaluation practice; And finally, a theme that highlights the next generation of ethical challenges that may face evaluators. Video of this event is available online.