Formal Meeting Processes

Studies have demonstrated that attendance at meetings and conferences, planning discussions within the project related to use of the program evaluation, and participation in data collection foster feelings of evaluation involvement among stakeholders (Toal et al, 2009).

Tools for Knowledge and Learning: A Guide for Development and Humanitarian Organisations

"This tool kit is aimed at staff in such organisations and presents entry points and references to the wide range of tools and options that have been used to facilitate improved knowledge and learning in the development and humanitarian sectors. 30 tools and techniques are presented, divided into five categories: Strategy Development; Management Techniques; Collaboration Mechanisms; Knowledge Sharing and Learning Processes; and Knowledge Capture and Storage." Ramalingam, B. (2006) p. 8

Open Space Technology

Open Space Technology (OST) is a group facilitation approach – used in workshops, meetings, or conferences of between 5 to more than 500 people - in which a central purpose, issue, or task is addressed, but which begins with a purposeful lack of any formal initial agenda.

Six Hats Thinking

Developed by Dr. Edward de Bono, the “Six Thinking Hats” ™ technique is a framework designed to promote holistic and lateral thinking in decision-making and evaluation. Conducted alone or in group meetings, participants – project members, key decision-makers and stakeholders – are encouraged to cycle through different modalities of thinking using the metaphor of wearing different conceptual “hats”.

World Cafe

The World Café is a methodology for hosting group dialogue which emphasizes the power of simple conversation in considering relevant questions and themes. The metaphor of a real-life café is used: in a World Café session, participants – of any number - are encouraged to take part in a collaborative conversation within an environment typically modeled after such a café (i.e. a room furnished with small tables, tablecloth, light music, flowers, refreshments, etc).