Evaluating sustainability: Evaluative support for managing processes in the public interest

This special issue of New Directions in Evaluation includes discussions of different types of sustainability – sustainable environment, sustainable development, sustainable programs, and sustainable evaluation systems – and a synthesis of these different issues and their implications for transforming evaluation in ways more appropriate for evaluating sustainability.

Introducing footprint evaluation

Patricia Rogers's picture 30th October 2020 by Patricia Rogers

Given the numerous interconnected environmental crises the world faces, there is an urgent need to include consideration of environmental impacts into all evaluations. Footprint evaluation focuses on evaluating the ‘footprint’ that human systems make on natural systems. Importantly, it includes evaluating the potential and actual environmental impacts of interventions that do not have explicit environmental objectives.

Navigating sustainability: measurement, evaluation and action

This paper from the Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) aims to document the evolution in thinking about how to measure sustainability and also distills crucial lessons for moving forward. The paper specifically looks at major initiatives in theory and practice over the last 20 years; outlines a generic framework for implementing and assessing sustainability; and looks at how different sectors have approached the issue of sustainability. 

Designing for Action: Principles of Effective Sustainability Measurement

This report from the World Economic Forum's Global Agenda Council on Measuring Sustainability provides detailed guidance for decision makers on measuring for effective sustainability. The report provides a summary of the full report and aims to provide a framework and guide for those engaging with sustainability literature and the development and application of sustainability assessment tools.