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David M Fetterman
San Jose
United States of America

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President & CEO
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Fetterman & Associates
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I do monitoring and/or evaluation ()
I do capacity strengthening in monitoring and/or evaluation ()
I develop standards, guidelines, tools, or other materials on monitoring and/or evaluation
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My primary area of expertise is in empowerment evaluation. However, I also have experience in other stakeholder involvement approaches to evaluation, including collaborative evaluation. I have also devoted a significant amount of my life to the pursuit of ethnography, ethnographic evaluation, and the application of qualitative methods. My work also extends to the use of the experimental design, including problems associated with it in practice. My topic areas include: higher education, secondary education, technology, health and safety, gifted and talented education, and programs for dropouts.
My main interest in monitoring and/or evaluation
Building evaluation capacity and improving peoples lives through evaluation is my primary interest in the field. I also find some of the methodological innovations captivating, including tech oriented approaches.
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Past-president, American Evaluation Association Recipient of the Myrdal Award for Evaluation Practice Recipient of the Lazarsfeld Award for Contributions to Evaluation Theory Selected Top Anthropologist of the Year 2019 Climbed to Mt. Everest Base Camp with my family in September 2018