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Week 20: Is English the dominant language for evaluation?

Cris Sette's picture 7th July 2014 by Cris Sette
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Unfortunately I believe so. Last year I met a group of Brazilian evaluators in a conference, and learned from them the growing demand for good evaluation studies in Brazil, but also the need for more capacity building initiatives in this area, besides the need for practical and relevant  information in Portuguese, with a local context. It was then that I decided to investigate what this passionate group of Brazilian evaluators was working on. Evaluators not only in Brazil but in other Portuguese-speaking countries.

Week 20: A língua dominante em avaliação é o inglês?

Cris Sette's picture 15th May 2014 by Cris Sette
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Infelizmente acredito que sim.

No ano passado conheci um grupo de avaliadores brasileiros em uma conferencia, e soube através deles a crescente demanda por bons estudos avaliativos no Brasil, mas também a necessidade de mais iniciativas de capacitação nesta área, e informações práticas e relevantes escritas em um contexto local, em língua portuguesa. Foi então que resolvi pesquisar em que este grupo tão entusiasmado estava trabalhando. Não somente grupos no Brasil, mas em outros países de língua portuguesa.

52 weeks of BetterEvaluation: Week 8: Using Social Network Analysis for M&E

Cris Sette's picture 20th February 2013 by Cris Sette

Most of the work done in development is done in collaboration, in partnership with individuals or organizations who contribute to a particular task or project we are working on. These collaborations are sometimes very straight forward, but sometimes they are quite complex, and involve many links and relationships.

With that in mind, I would like to share an approach I am working on,  Social Network Analysis (SNA). We are using SNA to study research networks, its characteristics and how the network contributes to better research outcomes.

Feminist evaluation approach is not just about women

Cris Sette's picture 4th October 2012 by Cris Sette

I am at the European Evaluation Society conference in Helsinki and I attended the gender and evaluation session to learn more about approaches and practices. The two presenters (Dr Julia Espinosa and Dr Donna Podems) generated good discussions on evaluating gender and development projects, evaluating projects with a gender component, or using feminist evaluation approach when evaluating a project.