Week 28: Evaluation conferences

Nick Herft's picture 11th July 2014 by Nick Herft

Conferences are a great way to connect and learn with the evaluation community. Earlier this year we shared a listing of conferences for which we received useful feedback from our users. This week we're highlighting a new page which lists upcoming evaluation conferences from around the world. Check out the new page here. Are we missing any? Let us know in the comments below. We'll be updating this page as new conferences emerge.

Week 26: Weighing people’s values in evaluation

Laura Rodriguez's picture 30th June 2014 by Laura Rodriguez

What is more important to you: a good education or a good healthcare system? Or perhaps employment or security is at the forefront of your mind at the moment. What about the environment or human rights? We all have different priorities in life and different sets of values with which we make judgements on things around us. Evaluations attempting to understand effects on people’s lives should at least attempt to try to understand the values of those people rather than imposing an external set of values. This week’s guest blog is from Laura Rodriguez Takeuchi, a researcher at the Overseas Development Institute. She introduces some practical ways that evaluators can begin to weigh people’s values as they relate to desired outcomes and distribution of benefits.

Week 25: Sharing resources on BetterEvaluation

Alan Mountain's picture 25th June 2014 by Alan Mountain

At BetterEvaluation we get many suggestions from users of new resources to add to the site. This is an essential element of our aims to improve evaluation practice and theory by sharing information about options (methods or tools) and approaches. In this week's blog I will be highlighting some of the many resources that users have suggested to us over the last month. If you would like to contribute to BE it is as simple as clicking here and letting us know what you would like to suggest.

Week 23: Evaluation of anti-corruption reforms and programmes – don’t give up before you even try!

Jesper Johnson's picture 5th June 2014 by Jesper Johnson

Our blogger this week is Jesper Johnsøn, Senior Advisor to the U4 Anti-Corruption Resource Centre. Jesper highlights a frequent confusion among anti-corruption practitioners between the difficulty measuring levels of corruption and the evaluability of anti-corruption initiatives, and urges us not to give us on rigorous evaluation.

Week 22: Using evaluation in programme design – a funder’s perspective

Stephen Porter's picture 3rd June 2014 by Stephen Porter

Stephen Porter is Results and Evaluation Advisor for the Education and Partnerships team at DFID. In this blog he gives us a valuable insight into what a funder might be thinking as they review a development programme proposal and how he uses evaluation evidence to make funding decisions. In comparing the information that comes from (traditional) systematic reviews to that which comes from a realist synthesis, he urges us all to think hard about the ‘how’ of development interventions, particularly in livelihoods interventions.

Week 21: Know your measures - picking outcomes to monitor policy change

Simon Hearn's picture 24th May 2014 by Simon Hearn

Simon Hearn continues BetterEvaluation’s theme on the monitoring and evaluation of policy change by suggesting a set of measures to help those struggling to monitor the slippery area of policy influence and advocacy. For more on this theme, see Josephine Tsui’s blog on attribution and contribution in the M&E of advocacy and Julia Coffman’s on innovations in advocacy evaluation.