Feminist evaluation approach is not just about women

Cris Sette's picture 4th October 2012 by Cris Sette

I am at the European Evaluation Society conference in Helsinki and I attended the gender and evaluation session to learn more about approaches and practices. The two presenters (Dr Julia Espinosa and Dr Donna Podems) generated good discussions on evaluating gender and development projects, evaluating projects with a gender component, or using feminist evaluation approach when evaluating a project.

BetterEvaluation in Helsinki for EES conference

Patricia Rogers's picture 2nd October 2012 by Patricia Rogers

“Evaluation in the networked society” is the theme for the European Evaluation Society‘s 10th Biennial Conference, being held this week in Helsinki. The conference will explore the implications of the new information environment and the advent of social networking without borders for evaluation. We’re excited to have the chance to explore these issues, which are at the heart of the BetterEvaluation project.

An overview of evaluation options (methods, tools, strategies)

Patricia Rogers's picture 10th September 2012 by Patricia Rogers

It was great to have so many people participate in the BetterEvaluation mini-workshop at the conference of the Australasian Evaluation Society last week.

The workshop worked through two different scenarios, exploring the different options that might be used, and how the interactive BetterEvaluation website could help someone to choose an appropriate option and to use it effectively (or manage someone using it).

Update August 2012

Simon Hearn's picture 31st August 2012 by Simon Hearn

This is an update for our early site users on what's been going on in August. The website is still under development but we are now undertaking a series of tests in anticipation of going live.

We've previously sent updates by email but will be using this blog from now on. Please do check back here frequently as we'll be posting regular updates about the project and progress with the site.

In this update: