Seven evaluation methods to add to the toolbox?

Patricia Rogers's picture 3rd August 2012 by Patricia Rogers

In a recent workshop on 'Designs for Performance Evaluation', which Patricia Rogers conducted with program officers from USAID, we looked at seven methods and strategies which might be usefully added to the repertoire  for collecting, analyzing or synthesizing data.

Which of these might be useful to add  to the methods that you use  - or that you encourage evaluators to use in evaluations that you manage?

Negotiating the standards for the evaluation

Patricia Rogers's picture 14th May 2012 by Patricia Rogers

One of the trickiest situations in evaluation is when, after the draft report is submitted, it becomes clear that the evaluation team and the commissioning organization have different ideas about what the evaluation should do and how it should do it - and therefore have major differences about what the evaluation report should say.  

Evaluating Policy Influence and Advocacy

Patricia Rogers's picture 16th March 2012 by Patricia Rogers

Thematic page on Evaluating Policy Influence and Advocacy provides an overview of issues, specific options and examples for evaluating programs, projects and organizations that engage in advocacy and policy influence. It discuss four categories of policy influencing techniques and approaches: Advising, Advocacy, Lobbying and Activism (drawing on the work by Start and Hovland).

InterAction Guidance Note - Introduction to Impact Evaluation

Patricia Rogers's picture 12th March 2012 by Patricia Rogers

We are collaborating with InterAction to present a webinar on 'Introduction to Impact Evaluation', drawing on material from the BetterEvaluation project.  This is the first of a four-part series of guidance notes and webinars on impact evaluation that  InterAction is developing with financial support from the Rockefeller Foundation.

BetterEvaluation at the AfrEA conference in Ghana

Patricia Rogers's picture 12th January 2012 by Patricia Rogers


This week we are at the African Evaluation conference in Accra.

The theme of the conference is 'Rights and Responsibilities'. Today at 4pm in room ER1 we will present a panel session on how the BetterEvaluation project can help us meet our responsibilities to ensure that the right combination of methods are chosen for evaluation and implemented well - and address the question of who has the right to make the decisions about evaluation methods.