Communicating & Reporting Evaluation Processes & Findings

This PowerPoint presentation by Hallie Preskill, gives an overview of communicating and reporting and provides examples of some of the tools that can be used to facilitate the process.

The outcomes for participants of the workshop were:

  • "Understand the purposes for communicating and reporting.
  • Understand the wide variety of communicating and reporting strategies available.
  • Have considered various criteria for selecting appropriate and effective communicating and reporting strategies." 

(Preskill, 2006)


  • Why Communicate & Report
  • Developing a Communicating & Reporting Plan
  • Timing of Communicating & Reporting
  • Communicating & Reporting Audiences
  • Analyzing Audience Characteristics
  • Communicating & Reporting Strategies
  • Additional Considerations for Communicating & Reporting
  • Choosing Communicating & Reporting Formats

Specific Options Mentioned

  • Using Poetry to Communicate & Report
  • Using Cartoons to Communicate & Report
  • Individual Learning
  • Group Learning
  • Organizational Learning


Preskill, H. (2006, June). Communicating & reporting evaluation processes & findings. AEA/CDC Summer Evaluation Institute. Retrieved from

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