January 2011 Update

Patricia Rogers's picture 28th January 2011 by Patricia Rogers


The BetterEvaluation team has recently received confirmation from the Rockefeller Foundation of a grant to develop the beta version of the site. So, the team is excited and busy with building BetterEvaluation.

As well as securing additional funding, BetterEvaluation has grown as an international collaboration. The international network of founding partners now includes: the Overseas Development Institute, Pact, ILAC (the Institutional Learning and Change initiative of the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research), and RMIT University (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology). Each organisation is providing core team members who are integral to the development of the community and the content of the site.

We are currently finalizing the prototype of the site and will move to the beta-phase from late February to May 2011 before going live to the wider community.

We are currently working with a group of interested people to assist with the beta-phase in some of the following ways:

  • Identifying a specific content area (a particular method  or development sector) and playing a leading role in:
    • Finding and rating specific resources, such as guides,  reports, examples, etc.
    • Commenting on content posted by other contributors to  this content area
    • Identifying and engaging other potential contributors;
  • Providing feedback on:
    • the accessibility of the site and its resources
    • the content and format of material on the site
    • the taxonomy used to tag material
  • Identifying other potential contributors and partners in  the beta-phase and in the later stages of the project

If you are interested in contributing to the beta-phase, please email Patricia Rogers, Project Director and Farida Fleming, Project Coordinator.

Please indicate if you would be interested in assisting the development of a particular content area, such as a particular evaluation method (for example, contribution analysis, or network analysis) or a particular sector of development (for example, water and sanitation, or climate change mitigation and adaptation), and of course include any questions or comments you have at this stage.

We look forward to engaging with you on BetterEvaluation.


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