Capability Maturity Index (GEAR)

The Capability Maturity Index (GEAR), developed by Bridge to the Future (BTF), allows the assessment of a community's capability to constructively address their needs and challenges. The index focuses on four areas of capability: Governance; Economy; Activism; and Relationships.  


"There are two aspects to the Index.

  • PART A: This part assesses the processes by which change is delivered. The assessment is done by fieldworkers or those with detailed knowledge of the program/s.
  • PART B: This part assesses outcomes. The assessment is undertaken separately by the Technion Urban Planning Institute. It contains the results of the statistical analysis of government / public sector indicators and measures related to the four dimensions of the Index (GEAR).

Together, these two parts produce an assessment of the current level of capability maturity. The assessments are from two different viewpoints and when combined, provide a deeper and better understanding of the resilience of community change in the locality. An example is shown in Figure 3. In this example (which is a real example as it happens), the statistics back up the fieldworker assessment. The shape produced, does not mean that the result is a ‘good result’, only that the assessments from two different and independent data sources produce very similar results." (BTF, 2014)


  • How to use the index 3
  • When to Use the Index 3
  • The Fieldwork Assessment (Part A) 4
  • The Statistical Benchmark (Part B) 5
  • A consolidated view 7
  • Understanding the results 8
  • Appendix: tables for fieldwork assessment (PART A) 9
  • Governance 9
  • Economy 12
  • Activism 14
  • Relationships16


Bridge to the Future (BTF) (2014), Capacity Building Index (GEAR). Retrieved from:

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