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Steward an area

Collaborative Outcomes Reporting
- stewarded by Jess Dart

We are looking for evaluation experts who are willing to take responsibility for a particular area of the site (e.g., an option, task, thematic area). Stewards write pages about a particular area, review new content contributed by other members, and alert the community to new ideas, resources or events related to the specific area.

Contact us to find out more.

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Improve existing content

Are you able to improve the content on BetterEvaluation? Perhaps you can add a more detailed description, or maybe you have advice to offer? Share your experiences or suggestions by commenting on content pages or contact us here.

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Write a guest blog

Guest blog written by Dennis Bours

We welcome guest posts that provide new perspectives or new information about particular issues in evaluation. We’re particularly interested in posts that reflect on using specific evaluation options in different situations and contexts, or explore the issue of which options to use and when to use them. Have a read of our blog guidelines to find out more.

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Add resources

Are there additional resources we should add? They may be guides, overviews, specific tools for using a method, or an example of how you've used a certain method.

Let us know using the contact form. If you have a BetterEvaluation Account you can send us attachments with the Contribute Content form.

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Let us know about events

Is there an important evaluation event coming up that's not on our events list and should be? Let us know using the contact form.

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Give us feedback

What do you think about BetterEvaluation? We'd love to know how you use it, what you think is useful and what can be improved.

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