Week 52: Looking back on 52 Weeks of BetterEvaluation

Patricia Rogers's picture 19th December 2014 by Patricia Rogers

During 2014 the "52 weeks of BetterEvaluation" blog series has covered a wide range of topics and perspectives from around the world, including a series on innovation in evaluation, a series on visionary evaluation, reports from conferences, and highlights of new resources and features on the Website.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the success of the 52 weeks series.  In addition to providing bite-sized, engaging and useful insights, the series has helped us to identify and add great resources to the Website. Your feedback has helped us to revise the Rainbow Framework, which provides a framework for choosing evaluation methods and processes for the various tasks involved in an evaluation. A special thanks to Nick Herft for his weekly graphical wizardry.  

In 2015 we will be launching 12 months of BetterEvaluation. Each month will host blogs focusing on a new evaluation topic - starting with Impact Evaluation in January.

To finish the 2014 series of 52 weeks of BetterEvaluation, here's the honour roll of guest bloggers - with easy links to any topics you missed or would like to revisit. Thank you to all our guest bloggers who have shared their ideas, experiences and visions for evaluation.

Michael Quinn Patton - Week 47: Rumination #3: Fools' gold: the widely touted methodological "gold standard" is neither golden nor a standard
Jim Coe and Rhonda Schlangen - Week 48: The value iceberg

And here are the BetterEvaluation team blog posts:

Patricia Rogers - Week 1: 2014 evaluation-related conferences


Simon Hearn - Week 2: Evaluation methods for large, complex, global initiatives


Jessica Sinclair-Taylor - Week 3: Working with children in evaluations


Jessica Sinclair-Taylor - Week 6: Evaluation with and by, rather than for or of, children


Patricia Rogers - Week 7: Innovation in Evaluation


Patricia Rogers - Week 10: Five days of free gifts


The BetterEvaluation team - Week 11: BetterEvaluation at AfrEA2014


Patricia Rogers - Week 13: Producing engaging and accessible evaluation reports


Jessica Sinclair-Taylor - Week 17: Q&A on working with children in evaluation


Patricia Rogers - Week 19: Ways of framing the difference between research and evaluation


Simon Hearn - Week 21: Know your measures - picking outcomes to monitor policy change


Nick Herft - Week 24: New site features and upcoming developments


Patricia Rogers - Week 27: Celebrating Canada’s contributions to the world of evaluation


Nick Herft - Week 28: Evaluation conferences


Nick Herft: Week 30: Presenting data effectively


Nick Herft - Week 31: Welcome! Bem-vindo! Bienvenue! Mirë se vini!


Patricia Rogers - Week 32: Better use of case studies in evaluation


Nick Herft - Week 33: Reviewing resources - tools, guides, and examples


Patricia Rogers - Week 34: Alternatives to transcribing interviews


Patricia Rogers - Week 40: Visionary Evaluation AEA 2014 song


Patricia Rogers - Week 41: Celebrating two years since going live!


Nick Herft - Week 42: Dot plots, bullet charts, slopegraphs and more. We've updated our visualise data section!

A special thanks to this page's contributors
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