How to report on an evaluation

This guide from MyM&E gives an overview of the different reporting processes and mediums that can be used for reporting on evaluations.  It also provides links to a number of manuals, guides, toolboxes, checklists and templates that can be used as part of the process.


Specific Options Mentioned

  • Module 11 (Presenting Results) of the IPDET handbook
  • UNICEF Evaluation report standards
  • Flow Diagram on Types of Reporting, DFID Guidance on Evaluation and Review, p. 42
  • Writing a good Executive Summary
  • Using Graphics to Report Evaluation results
  • A Sample Final Evaluation Report Structure, DFID Guidance on Evaluation and Review, p. 43-44
  • Evaluation Report Checklist, The Evaluation Center, Western Michigan University


My M&E. (n.d.). How to report on an evaluation. Retrieved from

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