A verbal presentation of results can ensure that intended users have an opportunity to be briefed on the results and to engage in a discussion about them.

Visual aids can provide support for inexperienced public speakers but can also get in the way of engaging directly with people.  Powerpoint, a Microsoft Office product, is commonly used but there are alternatives shown below in Tools.


Advice for USING this option (tips and traps)

If using PowerPoint:

  • Use the same style and formatting for each slide
  • Use a design template that supports the information and does not distract from it
  • Present information in phrases on the slide, not full sentences (except when quoting)
  • Do not read from the slides
  • Use a large, 20-point or larger size font
  • Time the presentation at one slide per minute
  • Set all the equipment up beforehand and test to make sure everything is in working order before the presentation begins.

From CRS and ARC (2008) Communicating and Reporting on an Evaluation. p. 27.





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John Paul Titlow Read Write Biz ‘Hate PowerPoint? Here are 5 web-based alternatives’

Updated: 14th January 2014 - 1:51am
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Alidou Moussiliou
It’s an option to present findings of an evaluation. If you carried out a good evaluation, conducted a participatory process and wrote a good report And you’re not able to nicely deliver your findings in an attractive way, you’re efforts will not be seen. Many clients did not read the report you write later. But most of them stick on the result of debriefing session. So presentation is a crucial moment. We have to use limited number of slides (max 10-16), key words, carefully select pictures and diagrams, and as Gestalt option teaches us: Select, Simplify and Say. You can see people during presentation pasting a whole sentence. Another aspect I want to point out is the use of video projector as visual aid. Many people used during their presentation to show pictures and figures with their finger on the white screen instead of using the laser pointer or the mouse of their lab-top. In doing this all their body is projected on the screen. I think that is not professional.

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