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This week over 3,000 people from all over the world are expected to meet in Atlanta, Georgia for the 2016 conference of the American Evaluation Association.  The theme this year, Evaluation + Design, explores integration of design and evaluation in three areas:

  • Program design,
  • Evaluation design,
  • Information design

Here's a quick link to the Conference Program

Virtual Conference

Broadcasting live from Atlanta, the Evaluation 2016 virtual conference offers over 20 Presidential Strand and Plenary sessions over four days! If you can't make it to Atlanta in person, you can still register to attend these sessions virtually, for free. Register here:

BetterEvaluation at the AEA

We will be involved in four sessions at the conference:

Thursday Concurrents 11:00am-11:45am (Presenter: Greet Peersman. Co-presenter: Patricia Rogers)

1679: Supporting managers to use evaluators more effectively: A Program Manager’s Guide to Evaluation

This session will demonstrate, share and discuss a new resource aimed at improving demand for evaluation - a free online guide developed for the International Development Research Centre by BetterEvaluation to support project/program managers to more effectively plan and manage evaluations. It will also cover the attached interactive software, the GeneraTOR, which can be create a customized TOR specific to organizational requirements. Come and learn about this free resource and how you can be involved in the next stage of its development.

Wednesday Concurrents 4:30pm-6:00pm (Presenter: Patricia Rogers)

2632:Barking up a Better Tree: Lessons about Sustained and Emergent Impact Evaluations (SEIE)

This session will explore a new type of evaluation that will shortly be added to the BetterEvaluation thematic pages – Sustained and Emerging Impact (SEIE) evaluations. Laurie Zivetz and Jindra Cekan have explored the need for this type of evaluation in a guest blog. This session will share some examples and discuss what is needed technically, logistically and organizationally for it to be effective and useful.  Come and share your thoughts on how evaluation throughout the project cycle can do a better job of understanding and supporting sustained impacts.

Thursday Concurrents 2:00pm-2:45pm (Discussant: Patricia Rogers)

2730:Evaluating Prizes, Challenges and Competitions

Prizes, challenges and competitions present particular challenges for evaluation.  Come and learn about how these are being met in recent work and share your experiences and suggestions.

Friday Concurrents 4:30pm-5:15pm (Discussant: Patricia Rogers)

1656:Google’s Evaluation Course: Using Empowerment Evaluation Resources and Tools to Build Evaluation Capacity and Change Organizational Culture

The session will present  an internal evaluation cours being piloted by Google, which incorporates learning resources and processes involving peer review of evaluation proposals. The course is also being exported for use by other organizations.  Additional details and information about course availability will be shared at the session.

You can also find Patricia Rogers at the Meet the Author session on Wednesday evening 7-9pm

If you will be in Atlanta, we hope to see you! Come say hello and collect your special BetterEvaluation badge! We'd love to meet you at the AEA conference and hear how you're using the site and how we might make it better together.

BetterEvaluation Authors at the AEA2016:

Among the feast of great sessions at the conference are many being presented by contributors to BetterEvaluation - authors, reviewers, stewards, guest bloggers, webinar presenters,methodological  briefs authors, writeshop case authors and writeshop facilitators.

We've compiled a list of some of the sessions by contributors who've authored pages on particular options, or developed a writeshop case.

There are also many sessions being presented by BetterEvaluation members.  If you'd like us to highlight your session on this page,  please leave your session details in the comments below.

Heather Britt Svetlana Negroustoueva
Kerry Bruce Julie Oakden
Julia Coffman Michael Quinn Patton
​​Stephanie Evergreen Donna Podems
Stuart Henderson Stephen Porter
Tania Jarosewich​​ Rhonda Schlangen
Julian King Kaye Stevens
Jade Lamb Bob Williams
Rakesh Mohan Ricardo Wilson-Grau
Jonathan Morell Sonal Zaveri

Heather Britt

Authored these BetterEvaluation pages:

Work with universities to staff the evaluation Resources Stocktake
Designated staff time for evaluation Evaluation Budget Matrix
Evaluation Costing Strategies to reduce costs
Leveraged partnerships to carry out the evaluation Budgeting for Developmental Evaluation (DE)

AEA Presentations:

Kerry Bruce

Authored these BetterEvaluation pages:

Julia Coffman

Authored these BetterEvaluation blogs:

AEA Presentations:

Stephanie Evergreen

Authored these BetterEvaluation pages:

Visualise Data (Task) Pie Chart Stacked Graph
Images Scatterplot Text
Matrix Chart Scatterplot V2 Treemap
Matrix Chart V2 Slopegraph Word Cloud
Network Diagram Small multiples Word Tree
Network Diagram V2 Split Axis Bar Graph  

AEA Presentations:

Stuart Henderson

Authored these BetterEvaluation pages:

AEA Presentations: 

Tania Jarosewich

Authored these BetterEvaluation pages:

Word Cloud

AEA Presentations: 

Julian King

Authored this BetterEvaluation blog:

52 weeks of BetterEvaluation: Week 42: Using value for money in evaluation - a conversation

AEA Presentations: 

Jade Lamb

Authored this BetterEvaluation page:

Mobile Data Collection

AEA Presentations:

Rakesh Mohan 

Authored these BetterEvaluation blogs:

AEA Presentations:

Jonathan Morell

Authored these BetterEvaluation blogs:

AEA Presentations:

Svetlana Negroustoueva

​Authored this BetterEvaluation page:

Feminist evaluation

Julie Oakden

​Authored this BetterEvaluation writeshop case:
AEA Presentations:

Michael Quinn Patton

Authored these BetterEvaluation blogs:

AEA Presentations:

Donna Podems

​Authored this BetterEvaluation page:

AEA Presentations:

Authored these BetterEvaluation pages:

​AEA Presentations:

Bob Williams

Authored these BetterEvaluation blogs:

AEA Presentations:

Ricardo Wilson-Grau

​Authored this BetterEvaluation page:

Outcome Harvesting

Co-authored this BetterEvaluation Writeshop Case:

Retrospective 'Outcome harvesting': Generating robust insights

AEA Presentations:

Sonal Zaveri

​​Authored this BetterEvaluation writeshop case:

AEA Presentations:


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