The GeneraTOR will guide you through writing the different sections of a ToR / RFP. It will generate a word document with your saved information which can then be further refined and/or reviewed by others.

Below is a screenshot of the GeneraTOR. The left hand side allows you to navigate through the various sections of a ToR. Typically, a good ToR would include these sections and many organisations use them in their standard TOR template.

The bold and blue section titles in the left hand side navigation menu (shown above) are the required sections based on the ToR template for IDRC, however most sections - if not all - will also be relevant to other organisations.

The sections are ordered in a logical flow, but you can start at and navigate to other sections at any time. If you are done with a particular section, select Mark this section as complete which will add a green tick next to the section in the menu. When you return later it will be clear which sections you have finished and which still need further work.

Save your work!

The system will periodically save your work automatically, but it is highly recommended you manually save too. Click  Save at the bottom of the page to do this.

Download your ToR

Each time you save your ToR you’ll be directed to a page which shows all the information you’ve entered so far. This page is private and only you can see it. From this page you can export this information into a Word document.

The exported Word document will include all the required sections plus the optional sections which you have chosen to include in your ToR. Each section heading in the document will contain "[To be completed]" until that section has been "Marked as complete" in the generaTOR.

To return to editing your ToR, click the “Edit” tab at the top of the page.

Is the GeneraTOR helpful?

Let us know what you think of the GeneraTOR so we can improve it!