Africa Capacity Indicators 2011: Capacity Development in Fragile States

This report from the African Capacity Building Foundation (ACBF) provides data and analysis on the key issues and challenges facing capacity development in Africa.


"The Africa Capacity Indicators Report is designed to:

  • Examine the key issues and challenges facing countries in cross-border capacity development and cooperation in Africa.
  • Develop better theoretical underpinnings to the various capacity development interventions being undertaken on the continent.
  • Serve as a definitive knowledge product targeting policymakers, public sector officials, private sector people, civil society, and other experts involved in capacity development on the continent." (ACBF, 2011)


  • Why assess capacity in Africa
  • Conceptualizing capacity development and fragility in Africa
  • State legitimacy, reconstruction, social inclusion and donor coordination in fragile states
  • Fragility and the country policy and institutional assessment (CPIA) of Africa
  • Responding to fragility and the way ahead


The African Capacity Building Foundation, Knowledge & Learning Unit. (2011). Africa capacity indicators 2011: Capacity development in fragile states. Retrieved from website:

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