Organizational Capacity Building Framework

This organizational capacity building framework serves to hold together a set of ideas or practices that comprise a broad approach course of action specifically aimed at assisting local implementing institutions and organizations.

"AIDSTAR Two’s overall objective is to contribute to stronger and more sustainable, country-led HIV/AIDS programs, organizations and networks. Specifically, the framework serves to:

  1. Assist local implementing institutions and organizations, capacity building providers and donors to understand and utilize the principles, concepts and practices of organizational capacity building.
  2. Describe the process of designing, implementing, measuring and documenting capacity building interventions capable of improving an organization’s performance, or the skills and competencies of its staff.
  3. Encourage the capacity building community to use a more systematic approach to improve the efficacy of organizational capacity building.
The framework can be used to guide the development of a monitoring and evaluation strategy to measure success of the organizational capacity building efforts and possibly evidence of its impact on the ultimate goal: improved and expanded service delivery." (AIDSTAR-Two 2011)


  • Guiding Princiles for Organizational Capacity Building
  • Compnants of the Organizational Capacity Building Framework
  • The Organizational Capacity Building Framework
  • Monitoring and Evaluation


AIDSTAR-Two 2011, Organizational Capacity Building Framework. Arlington: AIDSTAR-Two.

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Hem Poudyal

I am working on an assignment to assess the capacity assessment of a youth network in Nepal. Appreciate if you could help me out with your valuable paper.

Thanks and regards, Hem Poudyal, Kathmandu

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Emma Smith

Hi Hem, 

I've updated the link to the pdf for you. Thanks for letting us know. All the best for your assignment. 


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