Using rubrics for monitoring

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Using rubrics for monitoring

I am keen to understand peoples' experience with rubrics in program monitoring and whether the progress expected in a program and detailed indicators can be accommodated in a rubric. I like the idea of consolidating results into a rubric by using indicator performance aligned with KEQs and levels (Excellent, Good, Poor etc) to synthesis results back up from indicator to outcome. My struggle is with the sheer quantity of indicators at a lower level that need to be tracked, particularly early in a program before any outcomes are possible.

A particular example - a health ministry's vaccination program - activities are training, content development and publication, vaccinations etc. Let's say there are 4 important areas: Improved Health outcomes, GESI inclusion, Sustainability of Program, Efficiency, and 30 indicators at activity, output, outcome levels.

If we don't consolidate all indicators in a rubric, only outcome and output, how do we consolidate the rest? Or is there a need to; we simply use them to manage progress of the program as opposed to progress towards behaviour change.


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