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  1. Evaluation and improvement of survey questions using Survey Quality Prediction

    3rd July, 2012

      Evaluation and improvement of survey questions using Survey Quality Prediction (SQP), 2-3 July 2012 in Barcelona, Research and Expertise Centre for Survey Methodology (RECSM-UPF)   The course will be taught by Melanie Revilla, Diana Zavala, and Willem Saris, researchers at RECSM-UPF. It will take place on July 2-3, 2012, at the Ciutadella Campus of Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona. The language of instruction will be English.

  2. Designing Surveys: A Guide to Decisions and Procedures


    'Designing Surveys: A Guide to Decisions and Procedures' is an excellent resource for both academics and professionals who are conducting small to moderate sized surveys. Aimed beginners in conducting survey research, this book covers the selection of the sample, the writing of questions to solicit an unbiased response, and the ethical treatment of human subjects. This new edition addresses these issues in the context of new and emerging technologies and their relationship to survey design and the social sciences. Designing Surveys provides practical and realistic account of how modern survey research is actually conducted

  3. How to implement your survey more effectively (Quantitative data collection)

    7th May, 2015
    United Kingdom

    There is more to implementing a survey than one may think. Some authors have listed as many as 38 unique stages. This course aims to equip participants with a good understanding of what is involved in conducting a survey effectively. It combines lectures with hands-on practical sessions.

  4. Question and Questionnaire Design


    This chapter Jon A. Krosnick and Stanley Presser presents a number of recommendations about survey design based on conventional wisdom and a review of the methodological literature. It focuses on wording choice, structural features of questions, and outlines various sorts of bias that can affect participant response.

  5. BetterEvaluation FAQ: How do you go about analyzing data that has been collected from respondents via a questionnaire?

    1st September, 2016

    In this edition of the BE FAQ blog, we address a question that comes up quite often: How do you go about analysing data that has been collected from respondents via a questionnaire?

  6. BigSurv 2018

    25th October, 2018 to 27th October, 2018

    The European Survey Research Association (ESRA), will hold the first Big Data Meets Survey Science International Conference 2018 (BigSurv18) on October 25-27, 2018 at the Research and Expertise Center in Survey Methodology (RECSM) at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona Spain. The theme of the conference is “Exploring New Statistical Frontiers at the Intersection of Survey Science and Big Data.”

  7. Claremont Evaluation Center Professional Development Workshops (multiple workshops and dates)

    15th August, 2018 to 22nd August, 2018
    United States

     This August, the Claremont Evaluation Center is offering its annual Professional Development Workshops, which provide working professionals and students with world-class practical and theoretical training in evaluation and applied research. This longstanding series, taught by leading academics and seasoned practitioners, can be experienced onsite at Claremont Graduate University, or wherever you are, thanks to highly interactive online webcasts. Previous years have consistently brought hundreds of participants to Claremont from across the globe, representing an exciting cross-section of the private and public sectors.

  8. Internet Questionnaire

    internet survey, web survey, web-based questionnaire, online survey, online questionnaire, web questionnaire
    Evaluation Option

    An internet questionnaire allows the collection of data through an electronic set of questions that are posted on the web.  Participants are invited to submit their answers usually in simple check boxes or drop down menus.  However, text boxes can also be used to provide more detailed responses

  9. Mail Questionnaire

    Evaluation Option

    Questionnaires can be mailed out to a sample of the population, enabling the researcher to connect with a wide range of people. The questionnaire is typically sent in a packet that contains a cover sheet, introducing the research being conducting, and a pre-paid return envelope for the responses. While the response rate is typically lower than other forms of questionnaires, this can be improved with reminders and incentives. There are examples of government run, compulsory mail out questionnaires, such as the Australian Census, which collect valuable population data.

  10. Designing Quality Survey Questions


    Designing Quality Survey Questions addresses challenges such as language preferences for standard demographic questions (e.g. How to ask about gender), creative question design to keep respondents engaged and avoid survey fatigue, web-based survey formats, culturally-responsive survey design, and factors that influence survey responses (memory, social desirability, etc.). Numerous examples of questions illustrate each identified principle of question construction.