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  1. Learning Purposefully in Capacity Development (2008)


    This paper examines how monitoring and evaluation (M&E) does, or could, make a difference to Capacity Dvelopment (CD). It explores whether there is something different or unique about M&E of CD that isn’t addressed by predominant options and ways of thinking about M&E, and which might be better addressed by experimenting with learning-based approaches to M&E of CD.

  2. Key Considerations for Managing Evaluations


    This guide from Pact South Africa is aimed at providing an overview of the key considerations that need to be assessed before and during the evaluation process. 

  3. 7 ways to strengthen your M&E capacity in 2020

    24th February, 2020

    Welcome to the BetterEvaluation blog for 2020! You might have noticed a gap in our blogs and newsletters as we've been working behind the scenes on some big changes for the next stage of BetterEvaluation. We will be sharing more details with you soon. 

    Strengthening evaluation capacity of individuals, organisations and systems continues to be a major focus for BetterEvaluation so in this blog we present 7 ways that might be useful when planning how to do evaluation better in 2020.