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  1. Evaluation Toolkit: Sample Budget


    This is a straightforward budget example that lists costs associated with four basic expenditure categories: staffing, materials and supplies, equipment and travel.  

  2. What to call our taxonomy?

    Forum topic

    Attachment Size homepage_alteration7.gif 143.79 KB BE Taxonomy.pdf 472.41 KB   We’d like your help with some wording for the website. Next week we will be implementing a new home page design – see attached for an artist’s impression. We’re very pleased wi ...

  3. An Introduction to Data Mining


    This webpage, produced by Kurt Thearling, provides an extensive overview of data mining and its applications. The page includes specific examples and links to a tutorial and research papers on data mining.

  4. Handbook on Poverty and Inequality


    This book form the World Bank provides a range of tools which allow the user to measure, describe, monitor, evaluate, and analyze poverty. The book is specifically designed for researchers and analysts involved in poverty research and policy making.

  5. Case Study Research: Design and Methods


    This book from Robert K. Yin provides detailed guidance on case study research.  Outlining a clear definition of the case study method, the book also looks at design and analysis techniques that can be used in case study research. The book includes tutorials at the end of each chapter and a discussion of values and ethics and logic models.

  6. Gantt Chart


    Gantt charts allow you to plan and analyse more complex projects by giving you the ability to plan and schedule tasks, allocate resources and develop a critical pathway for project completion.

  7. DIY M&E: A step-by-step guide to building a monitoring and evaluation framework


    This guide, written by Dana Cross of Grosvenor Management Consulting, gives an overview of how to create an M&E framework.

  8. Feminist evaluation

    Feminist evaluation (FE) emphasizes participatory, empowering, and social justice agendas. While all evaluation approaches are laden with their own, often implicit, values, few assert their values as openly as feminist evaluation. Unlike most gender approaches, feminist evaluation does not provide a framework or advocate a precise approach; rather, feminist evaluation is often defined as a way of thinking about evaluation. (See, for example, Podems, 2014; Podems 2010; Beardsley & Hughes Miller, 2002; Hirsch & Keller, 1990; Hughes, 2002; McRobbie, 1982).

  9. Добро пожаловать на сайт BetterEvaluation на русском языке!

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    Использование радужной классификации BetterEvaluation 

    Радужная классификация BetterEvaluation разбивает различные варианты проведения оценки (методы и стратегии) на семь кластеров в соответствии с основными задачами, которые необходимо решать в процессе оценки. (Ещё есть подходы, которые представляют собой наборы методов и стратегий).

  10. Request for feedback: What should go into an evaluation report rating scale?

    6th December, 2018

    As part of a project with an Australian state government agency, I am developing a rubric for people with little to no evaluation skills who might need to judge the quality of an evaluation report. This is within the context of a larger project whereby an evidence base of past evaluation reports is made available for program designers. We want users to access these reports, but also have some support to judge the quality of the reports.