causal link monitoring

Iterative Design and Monitoring for Adaptive Management: How Causal Link Monitoring can help

Heather Britt Richard Hummelbrunner and Jackie Green's picture 26th September 2018 by Heather Britt Richard Hummelbrunner and Jackie Green

Development actors are embracing the concept and practice of adaptive management, using evidence to inform ongoing revisions throughout implementation. In this guest blog, Heather Britt, Richard Hummelbrunner and Jackie Greene discuss a practical approach that donors and partners can use to agree on what’s most important to monitor as a project continues to evolve. 

Causal Link Monitoring

Causal Link Monitoring (CLM) integrates design and monitoring to support adaptive management of projects. CLM helps project planners and managers identify the processes that are required to achieve desired results, and then to observe whether those processes take place, and how.