BetterEvaluation FAQ: How do you use program theory for evaluating systems?

Patricia Rogers's picture 21st June 2017 by Patricia Rogers

In our recent blog post about using theories of change and logic models better in evaluation, we asked BetterEvaluation members to submit a question or challenge that they have in relation to creating or using theory of change for review by the BetterEvaluation team. One member asked us for advice on using a theory of change for systems change which we are very happy to share below:

Week 36: Systems thinking

bob williams's picture 15th September 2014 by bob williams

This is #2 in our series on visionary evaluation. This year’s AEA Conference theme is visionary evaluation – systems thinking, equity and sustainability.  Which begs the question what is systems thinking?

There are dozens of definitions but for me it is the combination of three things:

  1. Understanding inter-relationships
  2. Engaging with multiple-perspectives
  3. Reflecting on boundary choices

…. And how does that contribute to visionary evaluation?

O Sistema de Monitoramento e Avaliação dos Programas de Promoção e Proteção Social do Brasil

Apresentação do sistema brasileiro de monitoramento e avaliação de programas sociais, como parte da cooperação Brasil-Africa. O documento apresenta definições, descrições do ciclo de avaliação, exemplos de metodologias usadas, exemplos de resultados, e formas em que os resultados das avaliações são apresentados.

A presentation about the Brazilian monitoring and evaluation system for social programs. The document presents definitions of M&E, describes the M&E cycles, gives examples of types of methods used, examples of evaluation findings, and ways to present the evaluation results. This presentation is part of the cooperation Brazil-Africa.