Duc Can Pho

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My Thuan Bridge: Monitoring Success

This evaluation report, written equally in English and Vietnamese, is about the Ausaid funded My Thuan Bridge, the first bridge constructed across the Mekong River in Viet Nam. It provides concise summaries drawing on a number of significant themes highlighting the economic, social and environmental impact the bridge has had since its construction was initiated in 1992.

Participatory Evaluation of Participatory Research

This paper was presented by Dr. Dindo Campilan at the Forum on Evaluation of International Cooperation Projects: Centering on Development of Human Resources in the Field of Agriculture held on 6-7 December 2000 at the International Cooperation Center for Agricultural Education (ICCAE) of Nagoya University, Nagoya, Japan. The paper centres around a discussion of the use of participatory evaluation with an emphasis on the role of research in development programs, the use of participatory evaluation in program evaluation and some of the issues and challenges that may arise when evaluating participatory research. 

Competencies for Development Evaluation Evaluators, Managers, and Commissioners

This paper from the International Development Evaluation Association (IDEAS) provides a range of core competencies that evaluation managers and evaluators should possess wherever they work.  The competencies were developed as part of a lengthy review, conducted by IDEA which sought to identify a clear set of competencies and criteria for judging the knowledge, skills, and abilities of evaluators in the international development field.   

Changing views on change: participatory approaches to monitoring the environment

This paper, written by Joanne Abbot and Irene Guijt, reviews a range of approaches for participatory monitoring of the environment. Analysing published papers, interviews, and practical experiences, the paper aims to develop a viable monitoring system to assess environmental and social impacts of more sustainable forms of agriculture.