Inception report

An inception report of an evaluation is prepared by an evaluator after an initial review of relevant documentation. It sets out the conceptual framework to be used in an evaluation, the key evaluation questions and methodology, including information on data sources and collection, sampling and key indicators. The inception report also includes a timeline for the evaluation project and drafts of data collection instruments.


UNESCO Guidelines for Inception Reports: this document provides guidelines for the creation of an inception report for UNESCO evaluations.

UNODC guidelines for inception report – This template for an inception report by United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime is structured around the same headings as the mid-term report.  It provides an opportunity to set out the framing of the evaluation (its purpose and questions) and how these evaluation questions will be answered.  What it doesn’t provide an obvious space for is an explicit discussion about any changes between the original terms of reference and what is being proposed in the inception report, on the basis of additional information or changing circumstances.

ILO writing the inception report – This checklist provides a framework for recording and checking the features of the planned evaluation.  An interesting element is its focus on ensuring the evaluator is familiar with the reporting formats required by the commissioning agency.

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Thank you for the guidelines on writing an inception report .the format is succinct and informative to ensure a quality product.

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Dear Sir,

I prefer the inception report regarding assessment of ongoing highway/structure project.

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Peter Peng


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Oyayefa franklin

I want information on inception report on water and sanitation in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria.

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Simon Davies

Dear Oyayefa

I would encourage you to join our discussion group and pose this to our members, many of whom have expertise in this area. Here's the link for you to join: Peregrine Discussion Group - Home

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