Data use calendar

A data use calendar is produced to guide the collection of data and reporting requirements, as well as ensuring that analysis and evaluation data is actively used.


This data use calendar is included in Appendix of the report for the Jamaican Youth Risk and Resiliency Behaviour Survey 2006. It displays the key recommendations and issues for a range of stakeholders, and provides clear next steps and time frames for these to take place. ((Wilks et al. 2007, p. 158)


Jamaican Youth Risk and Resiliency Behaviour Survey 2006: Data Use Calendar: Appendix 9 (pp.158-162) contains an example of a data use calendar.


Wilks, R., Younger N., McFarlane S., Francis D., & Van Den Broeck, J. (2007). Jamaican Youth Risk and Resilience Behaviour Survey 2006. USAID. Pp. 158-162. Retrieved from

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