Emphasis Techniques

A key to creating effective and accessible reporting documents is using effective techniques to emphasise important information. These techniques can involve the use of colour, text size and font, lay out, allignment, and graphics and images. 


Evaluation Report Layout Checklist: This checklist created by Stephanie Evergreen summarises a list of valuable graphic design techniques in the specific context of evaluation reports.

What Business Cards Can Teach Us About Evaluation Reports: Stephanie Evergreen discusses a range of business cards' prowess in emphasising information, and how these design principles can be related to evaluation reports.

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Week 13: Producing engaging and accessible evaluation reports: This BetterEvaluation blog post by Patricia Rogers lays out a range of techniques to improve the readability and emphasis in reports. It discusses the whole process from first thinking about how best to present data, through specific techniques such as headings and visualisations, through to emphasising findings by disseminating results in interesting ways.

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