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Open online courses

Effective and Creative Evaluation Report Writing - In this course, students will learn best practices for effective and creative report writing specific to evaluation reports. Learning points and practical exercises are combined to develop skills in putting together an effective and engaging evaluation report.

Cutting-Edge Monitoring & Evaluation: A Guide for Practitioners - This course lays the ground for Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) by considering challenges in current M&E practice, introducing a tool-box of evaluation techniques and showing where these can be best applied. 

How to Be a Successful Evaluation Consultant - This course provides the opportunity to learn how to establish, manage and maintain an evaluation consultancy.

Managing the Politics of Evaluation - This course considers some of the challenges that evaluators and evaluation managers face when striving to have an impartial evaluation of a programme.



Visual Thinking + Visual Making = The formula for doing Data Visualization
Online - 26th June 2018 to 28th June 2018 - Paid

This workshop aims to awake (or strengthen) our visual thinking dimension, and to help you translate your visual ideas into reality with Microsoft Office programs.  By discovering (or remembering) the basic foundations of Data Visualization and seeing actual manners of communicating M&E concepts with visuals, we will open our mind and imagination to allow the visual dimension enter some parts of your daily work and your way of thinking and analyzing, and we will set the basis for creating effective visuals.

The Stellar Slides Women's Bootcamp
Online - 30th June 2018 - Free

The Stellar Slides Women's Bootcamp is a live online working session for women academics, scientists, evaluators, and researchers who want to end their presentation procrastination. 


Influencing human behaviour: solutions for public policy
Australia - 26th June 2018 to 27th June 2018 - Paid

Over two days, the BehaviourWorks Australia team will use case studies and compelling examples of behavioural solutions in the public sector to show participants how to apply a behavioural lens to problems faced by policy makers at any level. 


Systems perspectives on policy development and evaluation
United Kingdom - 26th June 2018 - Paid

Public policies are about changing systems, but conventional approaches to their evaluation have largely ignored this insight. This conference brings together researchers and policymakers from a range of sectors and disciplines. It will explore the value of systems thinking for understanding policy problems, finding policy solutions and evaluating them - with a particular focus on the implications of systems thinking for policy evaluation. The event is aimed at both academic and non-academic participants, including research users and research commissioners.


Learning Lab: Real-life Evaluation Challenges
Australia - 28th June 2018 - Free

Building on AES's last month's seminar (Learning Lessons from Evaluation “Failures”) they will take a deeper dive into some of the real-life challenges that you face in your current evaluation work.



Monitoring and Evaluation for Results Training
United Kingdom - 2nd July 2018 to 13th July 2018 - Paid

Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) for Results is for managers and monitoring and evaluation officers who need to supervise, manage, plan and implement M&E in their projects and programmes. The course addresses M&E for the entire results chain, including the all-important outcomes. This 10-day course covers the principles, and embeds the practice of M&E for results.

The Evaluators' Institute - July 2018 program available
United States - 9th July 2018 to 21st July 2018 - Paid

The Evaluators' Institute has released their July 2018 program in the DC metropolitan area. TEI helps fill knowledge gaps by working with individuals whose positions require that they answer accountability questions. It is for those seeking to improve their skill set, and those seeking to add credibility and prestige to their practice. Evaluators trained at TEI are better equipped to: Understand issues Provide accountability data Generate knowledge


ANZEA Conference 2018
New Zealand - 16th July 2018 to 19th July 2018 - Paid

The theme for the Aotearoa New Zealand Evaluation Association is: Evaluation for change: Change for evaluation – He  arotake rereketanga: Kia rereke te arotaketanga. The conference is being held at Waipuna Hotel and Conference Centre, Auckland, July 16-18 2018. Full day workshops will be held on July 19.

Ethics and Evaluation
United States - 17th July 2018 - Free

Join The Evaluators' Institute (TEI) and The Center for Culturally Responsive Evaluation and Assessment (CREA) for a special program on July 17, 2018  


Designing and Implementing a Monitoring and Evaluation System workshop (30 Jul, 31 Jul, 1 Aug, 2 Aug 2018 Sydney)
Australia - 30th July 2018 to 2nd August 2018 - Paid

This workshop draws on the text book ‘Developing Monitoring and Evaluation Frameworks’ (SAGE, 2016) authored by Anne Markiewicz and Ian Patrick. It presents a clear and staged conceptual model for the systematic development and implementation of an M&E System. The workshop has been developed with four separate, but inter-related components, with one presented each day. People can choose to participate in the full program or part of the program dependent upon their experience and needs.



Solving complex problems well: tools and techniques
Australia - 14th August 2018 to 15th August 2018 - Paid

In this workshop, Dr Nick Fleming draws on his 20-plus years of international experience to bring a fresh, insightful and empowering approach to solving problems in government.



Participatory Video Facilitation
United Kingdom - 3rd September 2018 to 8th September 2018 - Paid

This course is designed around principles of experiential learning; using a wide range of techniques that enhance creativity, sharing, reflection and learning. A 6-day intensive facilitator training course covering everything you need to design and deliver Participatory Video processes. 

Evaluation for the public sector
Australia - 5th September 2018 to 6th September 2018 - Paid

Dr George Argyrous and Professor Patricia Rogers will help you understand the conceptual and practical issues involved in evaluating public sector policies and programs, and evaluation’s role as a key tool for decision-makers.

Milan Summer School in Cost-Benefit Analysis
Italy - 10th September 2018 to 14th September 2018 - Paid

The school offers an intensive and participative learning experience focused on the appraisal (Cost Benefit Analysis, CBA) of major infrastructure projects, with a focus on those asking for co-financing under the European Structural and Investment Funds in the programming period 2014-2020. The structure of the school reflects the need to provide an overview and introduction to principles and methods of CBA for beginners and to offer a more in-depth understanding of sectoral applications for more advanced trainees.


AES International Evaluation Conference 2018
Australia - 19th September 2018 to 21st September 2018 - Paid

The Australasian Evaluation Society (AES)'s 2018 conference theme is: Transformations. Evaluation has never been more exciting, yet challenging. Our context is changing at a dizzying rate. The AES invites you to join them in Launceston, Tasmania, to explore the changing context of evaluation and what it might mean for you and the areas in which you work.



The 13th European Evaluation Society Biennial Conference
Greece - 1st October 2018 to 5th October 2018 - Paid

EES is excited to announce its 13th Biennial Conference from 1 to 5 October 2018 in Thessaloniki, Greece. The leading theme of the EES2018 Conference is “Evaluation for more resilient societies”. The Conference offers 5 days of debates on evaluation in times of financial, geopolitical, environmental and humanitarian crises.

Global Evidence and Implementation Summit 2018 (GEIS)
Australia - 22nd October 2018 to 24th October 2018 - Paid

The Global Evidence and Implementation Summit 2018 (GEIS) will bring together experts from across the world to talk about their experiences in generating and implementing evidence for better policy and practice. The summit will explore the evidence for designing, implementing and reviewing effective programs and policies. Expected to reach 700 delegates from 30 countries, GEIS 2018 will share the latest evidence synthesis and implementation science research and practice strategies for improving the lives of individuals, families and communities worldwide .

BigSurv 2018
Spain - 25th October 2018 to 27th October 2018 - Free

The European Survey Research Association (ESRA), will hold the first Big Data Meets Survey Science International Conference 2018 (BigSurv18) on October 25-27, 2018 at the Research and Expertise Center in Survey Methodology (RECSM) at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona Spain. The theme of the conference is “Exploring New Statistical Frontiers at the Intersection of Survey Science and Big Data.”

AEA Evaluation Conference 2018: Speaking Truth to Power
United States - 28th October 2018 to 3rd November 2018 - Paid

Join the AEA community in a lively, critical conversation about the role of evaluators and evaluation in Speaking Truth to Power,  in Cleveland, October 28 – November 3.


Communicate for impact and influence
New Zealand - 10th October 2018 to 11th October 2018 - Paid

Communicate for impact and influence will help participants develop confidence and skills to tell a compelling evidence-based narrative with the power to influence change in all aspects of working life. This interactive two-day workshop is being led by communications expert Dr Zina O’Leary and executive voice coach and award-winning actor Debra Lawrance. Together, they will teach you how to craft engaging, influential messages and deliver them clearly, confidently and with presence to ensure you are heard.