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Introduction to monitoring, evaluation and learning

This one-day introduction is designed to increase your understanding of monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL). It will stimulate ideas on how to design and implement monitoring and evaluation processes that strengthen accountability and learning, and so promote project, programme and strategy effectiveness.

United Kingdom
20th June, 2016
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1. The what and why of MEL

  • What monitoring and evaluation mean
  • How they relate to learning, accountability, transparency, impact assessment and quality
  • Why MEL is done and who is interested

2. MEL frameworks and language

  • Frameworks and approaches that inform MEL
  • The language used in MEL
  • The MEL cycle

3. A MEL plan

  • Exploring key elements of a MEL plan 
  • Defining indicators
  • What was easy, what was challenging, what did you learn?
  • Tools for data collection, analysis and communication

4. Evaluation

  • How to understand what difference your work makes
  • Approaches and processes for doing evaluation
  • Evaluation criteria, questions and standards

5. Practice in evaluating 

  • Completing a survey, analysing and communicating the findings
  • Setting and defining criteria
  • Drawing conclusions, making recommendations and communicating them