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This Footprint Evaluation webinar series of three practical webinars exploring how to incorporate environmental sustainability concerns into evaluation is now completed. However, you can access videos of each session below as they become available.

About the webinars

Webinar 1: Identifying points of nexus between human and natural systems

Andy Rowe and Patricia Rogers | Thursday, 5th May - 1:30-2:30PM AEST 

In this first webinar, Andy Rowe and Patricia Rogers will discuss what was learnt during the Footprint Evaluation Initiative’s ‘thought experiments', as well as diving into what it means to evaluate ‘at the nexus’ of human and natural systems. Participants will be given an opportunity to reflect on their own practice and receive feedback.

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Webinar 2: Entry points for environmental sustainability - Using the OECD DAC criteria and Key Evaluation Questions

Jane Davidson and Patricia Rogers | Thursday, 19th May - 1:30-2:30PM AEST

In this webinar, Jane Davidson and Patricia Rogers discuss several ways to get sustainability on the evaluation agenda, even for projects that have no explicit environmental objectives and where there is no mention of environmental considerations in the Terms of Reference. The approaches explored include using evaluation criteria, such as the OECD DAC criteria and using ‘Footprint-savvy’ Key Evaluation Questions (KEQs). 

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Webinar 3: From 'do no harm' to restoration: Working with a typology of Footprint Evaluation

Andy Rowe and Patricia Rogers | Tuesday, 31st May - 1:30-2:30PM AEST

Andy and Patricia introduce a typology being developed that will assist a wide range of evaluations in assessing the effect of the interventions on natural systems and sustainability. Does the intervention achieve the standard we need where no net harm is caused to natural systems, does it contribute to the restoration of natural systems, or is it harmful to these systems?

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About Footprint Evaluation

The Footprint Evaluation Initiative is an international collaboration to support evaluators and evaluation managers to consider environmental sustainability in all evaluations, even when this is not a stated goal of the intervention. The Footprint Evaluation Initiative is supported by the Global Evaluation Initiative (GEI) and hosted on its BetterEvaluation Knowledge Platform. You can learn more about Footprint Evaluation on our thematic page.