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Semana 19: Formas de descrever a diferença entre pesquisa e avaliação

Patricia Rogers's picture 3rd July 2014 by Patricia Rogers
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Um dos desafios em trabalhar em avaliação é que importante termos (como "avaliação", "impacto", "indicadores", "monitoramento" e assim por diante) são definidos e usados de maneiras muito diferentes, por pessoas diferentes. Às vezes, a mesma palavra é usada, mas com significados muito diferentes; outras vezes palavras diferentes são usadas para significar a mesma coisa.

Week 19: Ways of framing the difference between research and evaluation

Patricia Rogers's picture 9th May 2014 by Patricia Rogers
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One of the challenges of working in evaluation is that important terms (like ‘evaluation’, ‘impact’, ‘indicators’,  ‘monitoring’  and so on ) are defined and used in very different ways by different people.   Sometimes the same word is used but to mean quite different things; other times different words are used to mean the same thing. And, most importantly, many people are simply unaware that other people use these words in these different ways.

Week 13: Producing engaging and accessible evaluation reports

Patricia Rogers's picture 24th March 2014 by Patricia Rogers

This week we start the first in an ongoing series of Real-Time Evaluation Queries, where BetterEvaluation members ask for advice and assistance with something they are working on, together we suggest some strategies and useful resources - and then we find out what was actually useful (or not) and why.  

Recently BetterEvaluation member Rituu B. Nanda  asked us for advice on producing interesting evaluation reports:

52 weeks of BetterEvaluation Week 1: 2014 evaluation-related conferences [Updated 3rd Feb]

Patricia Rogers's picture 2nd January 2014 by Patricia Rogers

Happy New Year!  As you start filling in your diaries and calendars (desk, wall or electronic), make some space for at least one of the evaluation conferences listed below.  

Even if you can't attend in person, many conferences provide webcasts of key sessions or make presentations available afterwards. For example, here are some links to sites with materials from previous evaluation conferences:

52 weeks of BetterEvaluation: Week 49: Evaluation e-learning in Spanish and Russian

Patricia Rogers's picture 4th December 2013 by Patricia Rogers
While most of the evaluation resources on the BetterEvaluation site are in English, we're keen to provide access to resources in other languages.  In 2014, making the site more accessible in different languages will be one of our priorities.

Remember, you can get a rough translation of any page on the site using the Google Translate button.

52 weeks of BetterEvaluation: Week 43: Celebrating one year of BetterEvaluation

Patricia Rogers's picture 30th October 2013 by Patricia Rogers

This week we're celebrating the first year of BetterEvaluation since it went live to the public in October 2012. Thank you to everyone who has contributed material, reviewed content, developed the website, and participated in live events.

Check out our infographic below (developed by our website co-ordinator Nick Herft), for some of the highlights of the year. For more information click where you see the small BetterEvaluation logo within the graphic.