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BetterEvaluation at the AfrEA conference in Ghana

Patricia Rogers's picture 12th January 2012 by Patricia Rogers


This week we are at the African Evaluation conference in Accra.

The theme of the conference is 'Rights and Responsibilities'. Today at 4pm in room ER1 we will present a panel session on how the BetterEvaluation project can help us meet our responsibilities to ensure that the right combination of methods are chosen for evaluation and implemented well - and address the question of who has the right to make the decisions about evaluation methods.

BetterEvaluation update November 2011

Patricia Rogers's picture 9th November 2011 by Patricia Rogers


Here is a sneak peek of the latest version of our new home page. The new 'rainbow' graphic helps quick navigation to particular methods. It reinforces the message that good evaluation is not just about appropriate methods for collecting, synthesising and analyzing data, but also about other components, such as appropriate framing of the evaluation's purpose, identifying intended users, clarification of the underpinning values, causal analysis, effective reporting and supporting use of the evaluation findings.

Issues raised by participants in InterAction Forum

Patricia Rogers's picture 16th August 2011 by Patricia Rogers

As part of the 'Impact Evaluation in Action' session at last week's InterAction 2011 Forum last week, participants were invited to consider a recent impact evaluation they had been involved in, and to identify one thing that worked well, and one remaining challenge. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this exercise, generating rich information about the particularly important issues in impact evaluation. Please add any comments about the statements or how they have been categorized.

BetterEvaluation update August 2011

Patricia Rogers's picture 11th August 2011 by Patricia Rogers


BetterEvaluation is an international collaboration to improve evaluation practice and theory by sharing information about evaluation methods.

We are currently working with our beta-partners to develop material and identify resources for the site, as well as undertaking a major design and structure revision. We will be demonstrating the new site in September at the SAMEA (South African Monitoring and Evaluation Association) conference in a pre-conference workshop on 5th September in Johannesburg.