Check for accessibility issues

This webpage provides a guide to using Microsoft's Accessibility Checker in order to ensure Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents are accessible to those with disabilities. 

"The Accessibility Checker checks your file against a set of possible issues for people who have disabilities might experience in your file. Each issue is classified as an Error, Warning, or Tip.

  • Error    An error is for content that makes a file very difficult or impossible for people with disabilities to understand.
  • Warning    A warning is for content that in most, but not all, cases makes a file difficult for people with disabilities to understand.
  • Tip    A tip is for content that people with disabilities can understand, but that might be better organized or presented in a way that would improve their experience.

Fixing some issues might require you to change, reformat, or update your content.

Accessibility Checker also lets you know about Office features you can use to make your content more accessible." (Microsoft Corporation, 2012)


Microsoft Corporation. (2012). Check for accessibility issues. Retrieved from

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