Useful Tools for Engaging Young People in Participatory Evaluation

A toolkit developed as part of a formative evaluation by the UNICEF Regional Office of young people's participation in the CEE/CIS region in 2005. It includes an overview of ethical issues and guidance on using 15 different evaluation tools/options with children, plus icebreakers and energizers to use in group activities.


  • Context
  • What is Participatory Evaluation with Young People
  • Ethical Approaches to Involving Children and Young People in Evaluation
  • The Toolkit
  • Classical Evaluation Tools
  • Evaluation Framework
  • Questionnaires
  • Key Informant Interviews
  • Focus Groups
  • Tools for Participatory Research
  • Card Visualization
  • Smiley-face Scale
  • Testimonials / Stories
  • Impact Drawings
  • Historical Timeline
  • Social Mapping / Community Mapping
  • Trend Analysis
  • Force-field Analysis
  • Tools for Participant Evaluation of Workshops
  • Quantitative Workshop Evaluation
  • Taking Stock
  • Process / Product Workshop Evaluation
  • Ice-breakers and Team-builders
  • Energizers
  • A Note on Body Language
  • References / Bibliography


UNICEF (2005) Useful Tools for Engaging Young People in Participatory Evaluation. UNICEF CEE/CIS Regional Office. Retrieved from

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Nathalie Theresa Ciudadano-Ranin

I found the materials helpful. can You allow me to download these? Thank you

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Nathalie Theresa Ciudadano-Ranin

Hi Simon!

Thank you for giving me an access to navigate this materials. I am grateful since this is complete and comprehensive. Very appropriate to my work as Professor at the same time working with community organisers who constantly use evaluation tool to their activities. Thank you so much. 



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